Pauline Callais / Hennessey


I am a French artist and illustrator. Née Callais, my married name is Pauline Hennessey though I decided to keep the French name for my work. I have lived and worked in Paris and London and moved to Surrey early 2016. I worked over 8 years in luxury interior design. Some of my work is inspired by Architecture.

Most of my work is watercolour and illustrative with a touch of fantasy, haunting and delicate. My inspiration comes from nature, with a predominant underwater theme. You often find in my pieces an imaginary and fairytale side, almost surrealistic. A very colourful universe and recurrent organic ethereal shapes. Though most of my work to date is illustrative I am drawn by abstract art & acrylic / mixed media on larger canvas. My work is a balance between very detailed illustrations and more abstract expression. I am looking to develop more of my intuitive, spontaneous style and most of all to get in touch with my feelings.