Open for commissions. Landmark illustrationBook & children’s book illustration, CD cover & music illustration, personalised artwork, wedding illustration, pet portrait & other fantasy creature, perspective & interior rendering. Most recently I have started producing murals. I do like to make sure my client is kept up to date and happy with the artwork evolution by sending regular updates. You can see examples of work that was commissioned. Should you wish to buy any of my work or prints, please see my Shop.


I am available to lead workshops for small groups (around 10 people). You can see the workshops and templates I have designed here. I love to encourage, empower and help people find their voice and own expression. I have public liability insurance cover with a-n the artists information company.


I am available for private tutoring. I previously worked with Kate Andrews at SketchBetter, planning and teaching art classes and private tutoring. Examples of lessons I have designed and taught can be found here. I can also teach computer assisted graphics.