• ”I think the method of working resonated with us because most of us work in a similar way in our textiles, layering paint, dye, fabric and print and adding stitch, applique etc. As a group we like to experiment and try new techniques or adapt existing ones to a new purpose, so we are open

    # Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group – Workshop participants

  • “Pauline was a real pleasure to work with. We first gathered ideas, then she proposed sketches, checking with me at every stage of the creative process, which made it very smooth and was a great way to communicate and proceed until we reached the final result. It was very exciting and engaging all throughout. Pauline

    # Sarah Py-Noack, singer-songwriter

  • ”I commissioned Pauline to design some logos for the Glory conference and with very little brief, she produced some incredible images which I used, and for future conferences will be using them for all the products and promotion material.┬áPauline is methodical, her creative ideas flow with little direction, she is conscientious, hardworking and produces the

    # Usha Oliver, motivational coach

  • Testimonial coming soon!

    # Juliet Russell-Roberts, writer of children’s novels & spiritual books

  • “Pauline is an incredible artist who has a wide variety of skills! Able to paint abstract to portrait with an ability to mix colours together that grab your attention and transfix your gaze on her paintings!”

    # Jasmin Jones, singer-songwriter