Paris ‘Les Architectures’ Illustrations

Originals are all individual sketches put together digitally / I am selling A5 to A3 prints. You can see some of the illustration process here.

Available as A5 and A6 prints.

sketchbook paris a sketchbook paris b sketchbook paris c sketchbook paris d

Available as A3 and A4 prints.

sketchbook paris GROUP2

Panoramic composition ideas with prints of original illustrations, work in progress.

sketchbook paris_wip

sketchbook paris GROUP3

Most of the original individual sketches below have now been cut out and used as collage, you can see them here.

sketchbook paris2-- sketchbook paris3-- sketchbook paris4-  sketchbook paris6 sketchbook paris7- sketchbook paris8 sketchbook paris9   sketchbook paris1

Copyright © 2004 Pauline Callais

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