Pauline Callais Artist

Painter, illustrator and singer. 'Between realistic and abstract; Fantasy art'



I am a French artist, illustrator and singer.

Most of my work is watercolour and illustrative with a touch of fantasy, haunting and delicate. My inspiration comes from nature, with a predominant underwater theme. You often find in my pieces an imaginary and fairytale side, almost surrealistic. A very colourful universe and recurrent organic ethereal shapes. Though most of my work to date is illustrative I am drawn by abstract art & acrylic / mixed media on larger canvas. My work is a balance between very detailed illustrations and more abstract expression. I have found that the principle of Story spheres from Sketchbetter (I have extended outside the sphere!) has helped me develop my intuitive, spontaneous style and most of all get in touch with my feelings and be more daring and experimental with my art. I love using a biro pen to draw and so many drawings become like a meditation! You can see some examples in my abstract art and abstract illustration section.


As many artists I have been struggling with using art as an expressive tool and wanting to achieve perfection and therefore missing the point of it. I am still finding my voice and it is about a journey of healing and discovering and accepting my unique personal and individual expression. I am hoping to be an inspiration to others with similar barriers. I was involved in a major car crash on the motorway in May 2017 where I miraculously escaped with no major injury and this has awakened more creative and expressive freedom within me.


I am a member of KAOS – Kingston Artists and The Society of Volumes. I am part of the Artful Dodgers, a watercolour group who meet regularly on Saturday’s. Many of my outdoor paintings are first painted on location.

I have also recently teamed up with singer-songwriter Jasmin Jones, painting live and singing backing vocals improvised harmonies. For me singing and painting work together. I would call myself a singing artist.

I regularly sing old songs in nursing homes with Mac Entertainments.


Née Callais, my married name is Pauline Hennessey though I decided to keep the French touch for my work. I have lived and worked in Paris and London and moved to Surrey early 2016. I worked over 8 years in luxury interior design. Some of my work is inspired by Architecture and I do love focusing on details. After leaving the industry, I decided to give back to the community, where I was in charge of the Kensington & Chelsea Foodbank. My artistic calling rose up again and is continuously expanding, exploring different avenues.

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