• ”I have commissioned Pauline to carry out illustrations for two children’s books. On both occasions, it was a pleasure to work with her. She was very in tune with the subtle nuances of the work, picking up on and incorporating them in to the illustrations, and really brought the text to life. I find her artwork

    # Juliet Russell-Roberts, writer of children’s novels & spiritual books (2017/2018)

  • “Pauline is an incredible artist who has a wide variety of skills! Able to paint abstract to portrait with an ability to mix colours together that grab your attention and transfix your gaze on her paintings!” Visit Jasmin‘s website.

    # Jasmin Jones, singer-songwriter

  • ”Pauline is a superb professional talent. She is tremendously creative and attentive to detail.  I had the pleasure of working with Pauline during my Community Project/Initiative ‘Cultural Connections’ in West London and her workshop was a great success.  She was very organised and thoughtful in terms of identifying the audience and tailoring her pieces according

    # Pamela Sakyi, head of Cultural Connection In The City (17.08.17)

  • ”I commissioned Pauline to design some logos for the Glory conference and with very little brief, she produced some incredible images which I used, and for future conferences will be using them for all the products and promotion material. Pauline is methodical, her creative ideas flow with little direction, she is conscientious, hardworking and produces the

    # Usha Oliver, motivational coach

  • “Pauline was a real pleasure to work with. We first gathered ideas, then she proposed sketches, checking with me at every stage of the creative process, which made it very smooth and was a great way to communicate and proceed until we reached the final result. It was very exciting and engaging all throughout. Pauline

    # Sarah Py-Noack, Hespéenne singer-songwriter