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SOLD / Original 60x80cm artwork; acrylic and marker on canvas. I started this painting with a deep feeling of loneliness. I wrote down the word at the top of the canvas and covered it up with some layers of acrylic paint. The next day I noticed the word One in the word alOne. So I decided to add some life around the word with patterns inspiring life and movement, nature. I then completely covered up the left side of the word and let the word One appear subtely. This is how the painting has evolved so far. We are One and we are not alone!

Copyright © 2018 Pauline Callais

>In The Storm

SOLD / Original 60x80cm artwork; acrylic on canvas. I completely covered an old painting that I didn’t like, 2 days after a major car crash where I was miraculously saved with no major damage. This is what came out of expressing protection and miraculous magnetic shield that surrounded me while darkness was hitting. The Spirit makes a way when there seems to be no way.

Available as A3 and A4 prints.

Copyright © 2017 Pauline Callais