Original A5 artworks; watercolour illustration examples created for ‘Watercolour Flow‘ workshop with Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group: I taught the group how to follow their intuition and express their emotions while listening to relaxing music, using a biro pen and watercolour.

Some great feedback received from some of the participants:

”I think the method of working resonated with us because most of us work in a similar way in our textiles, layering paint, dye, fabric and print and adding stitch, applique etc. As a group we like to experiment and try new techniques or adapt existing ones to a new purpose, so we are open to new ideas and ways of working.” (Rosaline)

”It was a very enjoyable workshop. I think we forget how therapeutic it is to just relax and do something creative for the sake of it, without it having to be for a specific purpose, and how this can often open up new avenues and get us out of a creative rut!” (Alison)

”Thank you very much for coming to us. I enjoyed my day of ‘playing’ very much.” (Linda)

”Thank you so much for the workshop! I throughly enjoyed it! I went home and carried on.” (Lynne)

Participant’s artworks:

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